Our Approach to Security

Our vision is to make all data effortlessly accessible on one platform and we know that this requires an industrial strength approach to security.

We enable you to apply the appropriate level of security to your organisation, to your users and to your data so you are always in control. We ensure the processes that enable you to do this are seamless, secure and resilient.


Security is in our DNA

The HARBR team has extensive and unrivalled experience of working within secure data environments. Team members have held leading roles within of the highest levels of national and international security operations as well as leading global banks and telcos.

We work with established and trusted partners such as Amazon Web Services who have tried and tested credentials in web-based security, scalability and stability.

We work with a world class InfoSecurity consultancy to ensure our security practices, processes and behaviours are reviewed, accredited and challenged regularly.  

We follow a secure devops process to ensure we deliver all new features and fixes as quickly and as safely as possible.  

We test, test and test again, before we sign off and release and pay particular attention to high risk areas that may be exposed to public interfaces.

We have received the UK Government National Cyber Security Centre's 'Cyber Essentials' accreditation.


Secure by design

We apply all security and anti-malware patches automatically to make sure we are always up to date.

All passwords are stored using cryptographic hash functions.

All data within HARBR is protected in transit and at rest via encryption protocols and under the covers, data is segregated both logically and physically.

We keep secure audit logs of all user activity.

All network traffic is controlled through network segregation, defined routing and firewall controls based on the principle of least privilege.

We ensure high availability via a suite of backup and restore measures throughout the platform that we test on a regular basis.


You're always in control

We ensure the necessary legal controls are in  place when you accept our Terms and Conditions upon registration and agree to the Data Product License Terms upon subscription.

Users are assigned different roles to control their access to features and data products

We apply the principle of control via least privilege throughout HARBR.

Access to the contents of all data products within HARBR is controlled via a virtual desktop that links you to the data and nothing else, especially not the internet.

You are in control of how we communicate with you as we are fully GDPR compliant.