The Age of Data


We live in the age of data. The most successful organisations in the world use data to their advantage every single day - it is woven into the fabric of their business, products and services. They value their proprietary data and actively acquire more from open, commercial and collaborative sources. As the age of data progresses, as rare talents are attracted and retained, and as AI algorithms mature, these organisations will continue to grow and flourish.

The Problem

Meanwhile, the painful truth is that most organisations struggle to extract value from data. This is often due to hidden complexities; laborious technology selection processes; legal and security risks; lengthy sales/procurement cycles; attracting the right skills; building relevant cultures; understanding the value proposition. These challenges lead to slow, expensive and risky technology projects that fail to deliver. Projects that are out of date before they go live. Projects that lead to more projects.

It doesn’t have to be like that. You don’t have to embark on a technology project to get value from data. You don’t have to build a data warehouse or data lake. You don’t have to spend ‘80% of your time just getting the data’. You don’t have to hire a big team of data scientists. You don’t have to guess what the value proposition is. You don’t have to fail slow and fail expensive. You don’t have to fail at all.


HARBR is a unique data platform that supports agile data. It makes the work you do faster - much, much faster. It’s also cheaper, safer and better. Designed for any type of data. Built to scale on-demand. Controlled via granular entitlements and tight security. Import, buy, sell, share, collaborate, transform, export, integrate…..HARBR supports it all. No lock-in, no data dead-ends. HARBR levels the playing field.

We live in the age of data and it is time for everyone to join in.