One platform

A platform where you can find all the data you need. A community where you can share data and ideas. A work space for analysis and collaboration. And tools that bring it all to life with stunning clarity.


The Data Revolution starts here

Data, effortlessly accessible

The big holdup in any data driven project is usually just getting the data.


Now, the HARBR platform makes data effortlessly accessible. Internal. External. Whatever. It means you can get on with the real work: generating insight.

“The biggest road block to my team delivering added value to our business is the time and energy spent in sourcing and ingesting data.”

– Senior Data Engineer

Loving data, not chaos

“With data, inconsistent is worse than wrong. It means you’re wrong several times over, and you probably don’t know which one is right.”

– Chief Data Officer



Businesses accept inconsistency between data sets as just being ‘the way it is.’


The HARBR Platform allows you to untangle your data legacy problems. What you get instead is elegant consistency, everywhere it makes sense.

Data, amongst friends

“Our sales process is painfully drawn out and, even once agreed, we are not able work directly with our customers to fully understand how they’re actually using our data.”

Commercial Data Vendor

Selling data, client by client, is a grind.


The HARBR Platform provides a unique alternative: a data community, where sharing and innovation can spark unexpected new partnerships and commercial opportunities whilst also significantly reducing time to value across relationships.


It’s so much more than a marketplace.

Data as an asset...really

“We are consistently unable to capitalise on fast-moving business opportunities due to the lack of necessary data.”

– Chief Financial Officer, Global Bank

Few businesses really know what their data is worth, or how to unlock its value.


The HARBR Platform allows you to value, enrich and distribute your data in a way that makes perfect sense. So when you next tell someone your ‘data is an asset,’ you’ll mean it.

A workspace for epic collaboration

Too often, a moment of genius when you’re working with data gets lost, because it’s part of a ‘one-off’ task.


The HARBR Platform ensures that you can preserve, share and evolve your ideas. The cool stuff you do can be shared with everyone, and improved by anyone.


It’s open-source data collaboration like you’ve never seen before.

“There are so many barriers to collaboration that we simply don’t engage as effectively as we should.”

– Senior Data Scientist